Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Little Madness can be a Whole Lot of Fun!

Midnight Madness that is!! Because really, there is never an excuse to give up something free!

Greetings from the {LBM} chronicles!

Kaitlyn, our fearless leader has graciously placed out a Midnight Mania board with a super cute outfit for us all in honor of her group reaching 350 members!!

With currently 67/150 clicks we oh so badly need your help!!! Grab your daughters, sisters, neices.. that kid next door! If you've already clicked- then we love you even more! Your click won't be wiped out until we reach that goal!

Also, if you aren't a part of the group yet, let me lay it out for you just why you SHOULD be!

Yes, the group has a fee. It's only 100L. That's less than the cost of one outfit! PLus you get SO many perks!

* Group Freebies (Upstairs to left- pay 1L and it Returns it!)
* Store Wide Sales
*15% off all In store Items (Excluding Gatchas & New Releases  when new group of items are released they will be included into the discount when they rotate!
*Up to 50% off on Selected Items in Mainstore!
*Group Only Free Item Give-away contests!
*1 Store Credit Per 1L Spent
*Spend 2000L in Lil Big Me and get a Permanent discount of 10% Added on top of the other discounted items!

Oh, and those group freebies mentioned? Right now their are 9 outfits upstairs near the gachas. That's a steal you can't pass up!!

See you all soon! 

<3 Cali

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