Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's the right answer?

I'm going to rant a moment, so if you don't want to see it, feel free to disregard after the LM Link below :) 

SO As you've probably seem, I'm closing [Blossom]. This wasn't really a shock to me as I'd been holding off doing so for a while. My heart isn't in it any more. When I heard the sim was closing, it all seemed like the right time.

I've been offering a massive sale on new things, old thing, Holiday wear, gatchas, gifts, freebies and more. In short- I pretty much feel like I'm holding my own estate sale. It's the death of [Blossom] and I'm totally cool with that.


As you can see by the sign, everything is 25L or less. This extends to everything I have- new, old, mesh, sculpty- whatever. It seems fair. For complicated Items I offer demos. At this point I consider myself selling "As Is". Most things are no transfer and I offer the best that I can, but at this late date it is what it is, ya dig?

So I was a little surprised when  I received a NC this evening. I recieved a note from a girl who was complaining on the size of a mesh object she purchased. She claimed I should have been more forthcoming on the fact that I did not offer xxs-xl sizes. Let's be honest, first off, I use mesh templates. I couldn't create my was out of a paper bag when it comes to creating my own mesh. That being said, I offered a smaller option and a larger option. I'm not the creator of the mesh, so there's not much more I can do. 

I was especially upset because I felt like she was attacking me personally and basically saying I scammed her. Her accusation that I did not specify is false for two reasons. One: it does indeed say that the boots only come in 2 sizes, right on the vendor. Two: I offered a demo on this. It's a free demo, take the 5 seconds to purchase a demo and try it before you buy it.

In the end she wanted a refund or for me to come up with more boots sizes. Like I said, this is the end for me. It's as is, that's it! Also, she didn't even bother to send a transaction history. She harped on me but didn't even do that simple thing. I've had huge amounts of sales in the past 3 days alone. I couldn't find her transaction at all.

What's the right answer here? My first inclination was to be all apologetic and whatnot. Then I reread the message a few times and my blood started to boil. I sent her a message back responding to all points, including my no refunds policy. It's in my store info picks...twice.

 Take the time to get your facts straight before you jump on my back. I did end up refunding her because I am indeed a sucker. I still have no idea if she actually purchased anything from me at all. She tried to act like she was doing me a favor. It was 25L- on one hand I wanted to be like really? All this for so little? Grow up, on the other hand I felt like I could say the same to myself. 

Ahh the trivial things we have to deal with as shoppers, designers and bloggers!


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever received a refund for something there was a demo for...

Chic Aeon said...

Really if people are to lazy to try the demo or visit the demo itself (depending) then I honestly see how they can complain. I suspect she does this a lot. Don't imagine it was "you" :D.

Enjoy your retirement.