Wednesday, July 3, 2013

All Things Come to an End

First things first, [Blossom] will be closing its in-world doors on July 15th.

I started [Blossom] in the January of 2012. I had these views of becoming a grand sensation. For me, [Blossom] was an outlet for all the things I wanted to say, but didn't know how.

Over the past few months my life has changed a lot. In my Real Life I'm a different person. I'm trying so hard to be a better me. This means my time in Second Life has become a lot less. But if you read my 'Good-bye', then you already know all that!

I had hoped to keep the doors of [Blossom] open a few months longer. My premium account ends in October so I figured I would end all thiongs at once. Unfortunately, like most things in life, our plans don't always work out.

I recieved word earlier this week that my main store sim location would be closing. It's sad in so many ways for me. I've been located on the Reasonable Desires sim from shortly after the creation of [Blossom]. I've know he owners, Austie and Marti for years. I got my start in the fashion world from them as a customer service rep! When they offered me a haven for my store I was excited. The sim is neat, the stores are fun, and it was with people I knew and trusted. A win in all sides for me. Saddly, like so many of us, RL has become a bigger priority for the RD ladies as well. They announced the closing of their sim earlier this week. The sim itself will be closing on July 20th. The Reasonable Desires store brand will still be around, just in a different scale and location.

For me this means I will be closing my doors a bit earlier than I had planned. It's time and I'm okay with that.

What does this all mean?

I will be offering all items in-world for 25L until July 15th! This includes mesh, sculpties and cheapies out. There are currently 2 group gifts out as well as two wearable demos for 5L each. After the 15th [Blossom] will be closing all in-world doors.

I'd like to thank you all for your support along the way. I may never have become the big name I had dreamed of, but you all made me feel special! Please stop in and grab some goodies!

You can find [Blossom] at:

Main Store (*all items 5-25L + cheapie + group gifts)
Free *Style ( both floors! -use tp for upper floor gacha!! Gacha mesh shoes + 5L dress & shoes + 50L mesh dress & shoes gift pack)
Womestuff (Free gifty)

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