Monday, May 26, 2014

The Courtyard- Are you Willing to Help?

Hello lovelies!

I recently received an interesting note from the lovely Libby Farleigh and I wanted to pass it on to you all! This is a call to arms for those of you involved in the kid community. I think this could be a really fun idea!!

Hi there,

I'm sending you this little letter with some information, ideas, and an appeal for help.

The Courtyard is an idea I've been mulling over for a few months. It came about from realising that apart from the adoption agencies and schools there's really nowhere for kids and teens to hang out with other kids, make friends and take part in organised activities.

My plan for The Courtyard is it will be a high quality kid and teen centred environment, open 24/7, but with weekly adult run activities including:

Cub Scouts
Homework Club
Book Club (kids & teens)
Board Game Club
-plus more as The Courtyard grows

The idea is that these groups will be run and organised by parents and other adult community members. The Courtyard will be a strictly moderated environment to prevent griefing and potentially abusive situations. This moderation will be conducted by both kid and adult community members.

There will be several non organised activities available such as tennis, board games, swimming pool and more that will be freely available to all. Presently the idea is to have two The Courtyard groups. One which will be free to join for all from where information on clubs and activities will be shared, the other will be a pay to join group which will be for those members wishing to take part in the organised activities. This will be cleared every month and will be subject to a 400L monthly membership fee. Once in the paid group members will be able to take part in any/all organised groups they wish. The Courtyard will be a not for profit organisation and if we find the group membership fee is bringing in more than we need to pay tier, the monthly membership fee will be reduced accordingly.

As of now The Courtyard is being organised by me and my family, and although I am committed to making The Courtyard a success I know that will be made substantially easier with the kid & teen community's help. If you think The Courtyard sounds like a valuable addition to the kids, teens and families of SL there are areas I would really appreciate your input:

Setup (helping with the basic groundwork of getting The Courtyard up and running. Good at landscaping/decorating? Graphic design? Organisational superstar?)
Creators (Are you able to donate copyable versions of your creations in return for some advertising? We're going to need items of all description, furniture, decor items, landscaping items, maybe you'd like to create uniforms for our Brownies and Scouts?)
Marketing (help get The Courtyard out there! Rez an information poster at your store or business, send notices to your groups, this will all help!)
Volunteers (we'll need adult volunteers who'd like to help run the clubs, maybe start your own? We'll also need both kid and adult moderation volunteers.)

I'd also absolutely love people to come to me with their own ideas of how they'd like the help. The Courtyard isn't about me, or any particular individual or group, it's about creating a community space for all to enjoy.

If you're interested in talking to me about The Courtyard, and how you'd like to be part of it, please IM me, send me a notecard or you can email me any time (

Thank you so much for reading this rather lengthy letter and I really hope to hear from you!

Libby Farleigh

 I think this is a truly fun idea. Libby's right, there aren't a whole lot of places where kids and families alike can go and just hang out, help each other and enjoy! I know there is currently a scout program out there, but as someone who didn't know until it was too late, having other options could bring a lot more kids together!

Libby has added numerous ways to contact her if you are someone that would like to help out!

- Brought to you by Cali Grace Bracken-


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Libby Farleigh said...

Cali thanks so much for blogging this! I am so happy to hear you think it's a good idea and I'm excited to see the reaction from the rest of our community. x

Alicia Chenaux said...

Oh that would be great if there was somewhere safe for the kids to go. I know my girls go to Heritage when they are bored to hang out just because there's nowhere else to go.

Sim Scouts is over for the summer so people can prepare for Camp Hardknock and RL summer vacations, but will return in August [I believe]. You should think about joining up when it returns! I know Troop Bumblebee would love to have you!