Sunday, April 13, 2014

Over The Rainbow- Easter Hunt

I am SO late on getting this out! Sorries!

Easter Egg Hunt now on, FIFTY Easter eggs to find all containing generously donated gifts for everyone!  And just ONE special GOLDEN egg, one per day only, for only one lucky finder!  All are welcome!  Hunt is for 10 days from today!  Please be sure to also check out our tenant's stores, there's amazing beautiful KittyCats and other cute critters waiting to be loved and adored!

There are some really great gifts involved. Some items are directly for Kittycats (beds, pedigree givers, accessories for your kitty) Some just have an Easter theme (egg tree, decor), some of are fun random items for you and your home! (a hot air balloon, snuggle pillow, [Blossom] Aubrey strapless Dress in special lavender) and of course some items that combine cute, rainbows AND kittycats! ([Blossom] rainbow tulip top with Hell-o My kitty denim shorts)

This weekend has been horribly busy so I don't have pictures of the hunt items but I hope you will still stop in!!

OTR Landing Point

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