Sunday, February 23, 2014

My SL Family Blogger Challenge

Ya'll so many crazy things have happened lately! But let's not look on the past- it's family blogger challenge time!
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1. What is your SL family surname?

2. What is the make-up of your family? (Parents, kids, siblings etc)
Ohh My... Mama Gator, Daddy Gator. Grammy,Grampykins, Uncle Trav & The Twinsies. Graunties Cher & Isa, Guncle Chris. God Mama Stari, a bagillion Aunties! They just keep coming out of the woodwork I tell ya!

3. How long have you been in the SL family community?
I've really only been around a few months recently but i dabbled in being the adult parent years ago too.

4. When did you first hear about the SL family community and what was your view on it before you were in it?

I first started hearing about the SL family back in late 2008 early 2009. At the time I had some really mixed feelings. I thought kids were creepy and constant baby talkers. Clearly my tune has changed!

5. How did you join your (first) SL family?

I went to one of those adoption agencies. I had about zero clue who or what I wanted at the time. It happened pretty fast.

6. Do you have a kid avatar?
Yep! My kid avi is now prettty much my main avi.

7. Do you have an adult avatar?
Ayup! I've got a few haha that I use from time to time!

8. When did you first decide to make a child avatar?

I debated this for a while. I tried a teen avatar first, as that was what the first family was looking for. Then after being around a LOT of kids I decided I wanted to try it. I was told I had to choose one or the other because being both was "weird". To my surprise I had become more comfortable as a kiddo
9. Why do you play a child avatar?
It is so much fun! And one of the things I like is getting outside of my comfort zone. One thing I do as a kid that I often felt hesitant to do, is talk to random people. People are always saying hello and chatting with me. It's a neat thing. Plus it's SO much easier to snuggle with mama and daddy

10. What do you like about being a parent in SL?
Imma kid! I tried the parent thing a long time ago and it freaked me out a little because I felt more like the kid haha

11. Do you do family roleplay? If so, what kind of roleplay? Paragraphs, emoting – or just “acting like”?
I would say we do light role play. Mainly "acting like". We have family time, school and play dates with the twinsies. I think it depends on the mood every one is in.

12. Do you have any special family-related activities? (Dinners, camp etc.)
One of the first things that thrilled me about my family is the activities. We are always going on adventures! They love parks, playgrounds, kitty auctions and all sorts of things. When we made things official they even threw me a surprise rez day party! I'm enrolled in a school that someone in the family takes me to when I have classes. I'm looking forward to being a flower girl in a wedding next month AND going on a family vacation this week! Oh and I take ballet!

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13. What is the thing you love most about your SL family?
I love how easy they made my transition feel. I was having a really down time and there was Mama just waiting to scoop me up! We just get each other. I was worried about entering into another established family, but my Unkie Trav McCooties really blew those fears out of the water. He sealed the deal with his eagerness to accept me, sight unseen. I just love them

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